Small Town Feel, Big Time Fun
August 3- August 10, 2019

Fair Exhibits Rules


In the event of conflict between general rules and special rules governing the various departments, the special rules will take precedence.  The Board reserves final and absolute right to interpret the rules and regulations and arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, question and differences in regard thereto, or otherwise arise out of, connect with, or incident to the Fair. The Board reserves the right to amend or add to these rules, in it’s judgment, when it may deem advisable.

1. Competition is open only to those who reside in San Juan County, Utah.

2. Non-residents may exhibit if room is available, but cannot be judged.

3. The management will use every precaution to care for all property under its charge, but it is understood that it will assume no responsibility for injuries or loss from any cause.

4. Unless otherwise arranged, articles can be entered only by the owner or producer.

5. In all departments, the judge will be instructed to award the prize he or she thinks the article merits. If there is only one entry and it does not merit an award—none shall be given.

6. Exhibits are limited to one entry per lot, or three per class, unless stated differently in the rules for each division.  Those entering 4-H divisions cannot enter the general divisions with the same article.

7. Hanging articles must be mounted with screw eyes and wire, ready to hang or display.

8. Entry forms will be filled out at the entry desk at the fair building. To fill out forms in advance, please call (435)587-2990. All entries must be accompanied by a completed entry form.  Please put the age on the entry form and tag if not an adult and designate professional or amateur.

9. Entries exhibited or judged in previous years at the San Juan County Fair will not be accepted.  No one will be permitted to enter the fair building during judging.  Fair entries can be picked up from 5 pm to 7 pm on Saturday, August 11.  No entries may be removed or prize money awarded prior to 5 pm Saturday, August 11, 2018.  To pick up entries, please enter through the back doors of fair building, accessible through the county road department.

      Entries not picked up at this time will have to make special arrangements by calling (435) 459-1826.

10. San Juan County Fairboard reserves the right to reject any entry deemed unsuitable; no stamp or coin collections, etc., will be accepted.

If there are any questions or problems and the supervisor of each department cannot be reached, please call the Fair Office at (435) 459-1826.




We have made changes in SEVERAL fair divisions. Please read the rules for

categories you are interested in entering.



Supervisor: Sherry Sallee

1. Children and youth entrants must be 13 years old or younger.

2. All items listed in the Fair Guide are applicable for entry in the Children and Youth Category

3. Participants age 13 and younger are eligible to enter items ONLY in the Children and Youth Division. They may not enter items in any other division of the fair except for the 4-H Division.

4. MULTIPLE Best of Show and Judges Awards may given in this category as deemed appropriate by the Judges and Management.


Exhibitors in the category are limited to a MAXIMUM of 10 TOTAL entries.

Exhibits limited to one entry per lot, or three per class unless a specific category states an exception.

The Fair reserves the right to not exhibit all items entered if space does not allow.

CHILDREN AND YOUTH Art will NOT be accepted if not ready to hang. EXCEPTION: Photography follow class rules.  Items not properly mounted that fall off the wall will not be rehung.


Home Canning/Dried

Supervisor:  Katherine Sallee

1. Only products of the 2017 - 2018 canning season from the home kitchen are eligible.

2. One jar, either quart or pint, makes up an exhibit.  Half pint jars may be used for jams, jellies, sauces, relishes, etc.

3. Jar may be opened for judging . All jars must be labeled ON THE BOTTOM with exhibitors name and phone number.

4. Use standard clear jars (please wipe exterior clean)

Exhibits are limited to three entries per lot

Lot 1:    Canned Fruit

Lot 2:    Canned Meats

Lot 3:    Canned Vegetables

Lot 4:    Died Goods; herbs, fruits, leather, jerky, Lot 5:  Garnishes; chili sauce, pickles, relishes, etc. vegetables

Lot 6:  Jellies and Jams

  Honey; any variety of at least one pint, need not be standard jars, or sealed.




1. All works must be framed or matted and equipped with a wire or other suitable means of hanging.  Pictures not so equipped will not be displayed.  Size of work cannot be larger than 54 inches including frame.  Only one entry in each class, unless class is divided.

2. Entries must be original (no paint by the numbers) and have been completed in the last three years.  Work previously entered in the fair cannot be reentered.

3. Any paintings submitted that are not completely dry will not be accepted.

4. NO  prints or giclee’s will be accepted.

5. Please put DIVISION on the entry tag:   Professional or Amateur. Professional is one who sells for profit, works, or teaches in the art industry.

Exhibits are limited to one entry per lot, or three per class.

Class 1—Acrylic Painting and Oil:

Lot 1:  Portrait

Lot 2:  Still Life

Lot 3: Landscape

Lot 4: Animals

Lot 5:  Non-representational (non-recognizable/non-objective)

Lot 6:  Other

Class 2—Water Color, Casein, Tempera: 

Lot 1:    Portrait

Lot 2:    Still Life

Lot 3:    Landscape

Lot 4:    Animals

Lot 5:    Non-representational

Lot 6:    Other

Class 3—Clay:

Lot 1:  Wheel Thrown

Lot 2:  Hand Built


Class 4—Glass:

Lot 1:  Stained

Lot 2:  Etched

Class 5—Graphic Arts

Lot 1:  Pencil and Ink

Lot 2:  Etchings

Lot 3:  Block Printing

Class 5A – Graphic Arts

Lot 1:  Chalk/pastel

Lot 2:  Collages

Lot 3: Charcoal

Lot 4: Mixed Media

Lot 5:  Other

Class 6—Sculpture

Hand sculptures only (no mold pours)




Supervisors:  Ginger Tracy,  587-2314

                      Kim Tracy, 587-3043

1. Any Senior Citizen who enters an exhibit must be 60 years or older. All items listed in the Fair Guide are applicable for Senior Citizens.

2. One item can be entered in EITHER the Senior Citizen Category or the General Category, but NOT BOTH!

3. Senior Citizens—Please contact supervisor if you are unable to transport your items to the fair building and we will collect them.

Exhibits are limited to one entry per lot, or three per class

or whatever is specified in category rules.


Supervisor:  Brenda Freestone, 587-2960

1. Each exhibitor may enter two entries in each division as long as entries are different breeds.

2. Please put type or breed of animal, age of animal, and age of owner.

3. The exhibitor is responsible for food and water for their animal's) at all times.  Please put in containers that do not tip over (water bottles for rabbits, small tuna cans).  No plastic or paper cups will be allowed.  Fowl need containers that they cannot perch on, tied neatly to the side of the cage.

4. Small animals will be judged on their appearance, weight, coat, adherence to standard presentation, ease of handling, health care, and overall condition.

5. Enter animals at owners own risk. Fair does not take responsibility in any way for the health and safety of animal exhibits.

Class 1—Fowl

Lot 1:  Chickens                         Lot 5:  Pigeons

Lot 2:  Ducks                              Lot 6:  Quail

Lot 3:  Geese                               Lot 7:  Turkeys

Lot 4:  Peacocks                          Lot 8:  Other FOWL

Class 2—Rabbits

Lot 1:  Rabbits






1. Entry limits—only one item per lot in this division.  If an entry consists of a set, it will be considered as one entry.

2. Crafts exhibits made from kits or patterns will be accepted.  The exhibitor must state on entry blank if the exhibit is from a kit or pattern and what portion is made from said kit or pattern.

3. Please mark professional or amateur. Professional sells for profit, works or teaches in the area of entry.

CLASS 1—Creative Arts

Lot 1:    Beadwork                                                                                      

Lot 2:    Batik/Silk/Dye work                                                                     

Lot 3:    Ceramics                                                                                        Lot 4:    Décor Painting/Tole/Rosemailng/Fabric                   

Lot 5:    Flower Craft                                                                                  

Lot 6:    Holiday Items

Lot 7:    Hooked Rugs/Wall Hangings

Lot 8:    Weaving

Lot 9:    Baskets

Lot 10:  Jewelry

Lot 11:  Leatherwork

Lot 12:  Macramé

Lot 13:  Metal Work

Lot 14:  Novelties

Lot 15: Models

Lot 16:  Paper Cutting

Lot 17:  Plaster Craft

Lot 18:  Plastic Craft

Lot 19:  Porcelain Dolls

Lot 20:  Spinning

Lot 21:  String Art

Lot 22:  Wood Carving

Lot 23:  Woodwork—a) Plain, b) Inlaid

Lot 24:  Writing/Short Stories/Poetry—1) short story or feature article, 500 words or less. 2) Poetry, 20 lines or less. 3) new and unpublished writing.  4) Include title page with name, address, phone number.

Lot 25: Home Décor

Lot 26: Lego Creations

Lot 26: Other Item NOT LISTED ABOVE


Supervisor:  Staci Hoggard

1. All entries must have been exposed by entrant, but not necessarily printed by entrant.

2. Photographs that have previously been entered in the San Juan Co Fair will not be accepted.

3. All entries must be permanently affixed to a mount board that is approximately 1/8” to 1/4” thick. The mount board can be a standard matt or a foam core. **No wood or cardboard, no frames or glass coverings. 

4. Classes 1-5 only: Mount size 8x10 for Amateurs & 16x20 for Professionals.

5. Class 6 ONLY: (postcard) Minimum print size is 3”X5”.  Maximum print size is 4”X6”.  Three to five photos per entry will be accepted. The photos for each entry should be mounted on a single board.

6. Titles and captions are allowed but not required.

7. Discretion is advised concerning subject matter.  Nudes will not be accepted.

8. Judging will be based on photographic merit and complying with the preceding rules and guidelines.  The decision of the judges is final.

9. Please designate division: Professional or amateur. Professional sells for profit, works, or teaches in this industry.

10. For classes 1-6 basic editing techniques ONLY are acceptable. These are defined as cropping, sharpening ,dodging, burning, increasing color saturation, increasing contrast and removing dust spots. Photos must be from a SINGLE image. Objects from another photo cannot be added to the original image.

Exhibits are limited to one entry per class EXCEPT

Class 7 and 8 where two entries are allowed.

Class 1—Animals/Wildlife/Domesticated

Class 2—People

Class 5—Miscellaneous

Class 6—Postcard

Class 7 – Arial Photography

Class 3—Still Life

Class 4—Landscape, Snowscape, Aquascape, Plant life, Etc

Class 8—Dramatically Digitally Enhanced

(enhanced using more than basic editing techniques) described in #10 above).


Supervisor:  Unique Creations, 587-3355

1. Items may be entered in either the San Juan County Fair or the Scrapbooking Show, but not both.

2. Because of the family oriented nature of the Fair and this exhibit, objectionable or inappropriate items will not be displayed.

3. All pages must be in plastic sheet protectors.  Be advised, due to the method used to display entries, sheet protectors may not be reusable.  Entries not in sheet protectors will not be accepted.

4. Entry is open to all artists who are residents of San Juan County. 

5. Each artist must indicate: Adult (17 and over), Teen (12-16) or Youth (11 & under).

6. Entry limit: Three layouts (12x12 or 8 1/2 x 11) either one page or two pages, per exhibitor.  Exhibitors will indicate first through third choice entries.  First choice entries will be judged and displayed.  Second and third choice entries may be judged and displayed depending on space available. 

Exhibits are limited to one entry per class.

1. Name, address, and phone number of participant must be written on the back of each page. Two page layouts must be tied together with string and Velcro tabs attached to all four corners of each page (string and Velcro will be provided at the time of entry by the fair.


3. Classes will be as follows:

                 Class 1:   Family/Heritage

                 Class 2 :  Holidays/Patriotic

                 Class 3:  Outdoors/Sports

                Class 4:  Special Occasions

               Class 5:  Just Because/Miscellaneous

                 Class 6: Home Décor/Theme Albums— “Off the Page” décor using scrapbook products

11. Fair personnel will use care to secure the safety of entries after their arrival and placement in exhibit.  No responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen items is assumed by the Fair, department supervisor or staff. 


Supervisor:  Jennifer Hoggard

The Supervisor shall have the right to remove an exhibit or part of exhibit that becomes unsightly.

Suggestions for preparation and care: Gather flowers after 4 pm or before sunrise. Cut succulent lower stems with a sharp knife; brittle stems are best broken. Cut flowers with long stems (7”-12”) are generally best just before coming into bloom. Some flowers are exceptions: Gladiolus (when first bud opens); Roses (when buds are soft); Dahlias (when blooms are fully open); Poppies (the night before opening). Do not remove leaves. For best results, flowers should be placed in warm water immediately after cutting, then stored for several hours in a cool, draft-free place.  One teaspoon of sugar in a quart of water or 7-Up will prolong the life of flowers.  Dahlia stems can be put in boiling water which will immediately seal the stems.  Groom entries carefully.  Remove leaves that will be under water in the exhibit.  Before entering house plants, wash foliage and leaves, and have them well cultivated and groomed.  House plants should be in appropriate containers.

1. Open to amateurs only.

2. All entries must have been grown in exhibitor’s garden.

3. All house plants must have been in the exhibitor's care for at least 3 months before entry.

4. All varieties of flowers must be named or identified on the entry form.

5. Exhibitor must have clean container.  Clearly label with your name on the underside of the container.

Exhibits are limited to one entry per lot, or three per class

Class 1—Annuals:

Lot 1: African Daisies, Calendula, or Bachelor’s

          Buttons, 3 blooms, any color

Lot 2: Asters, 3, same variety/color

Lot 3: Clarkia, Cosmos, Phlox, 1 stem

Lot 4: Marigolds, small, 3 blooms or large, 1 branch

Lot 5: Nasturtiums, 3 stems-one color or mixed color

Lot 6: Petunias, single large, 1 stem or double

Lot 7: Snapdragons, 2 spike, one color or 2

           spike mixed color

Lot 8: Sweet Peas, large display, one color; 7

           stems or large display, mixed colors, 7 stems.

Lot 9: Zinnia, large, 1 stem OR small, 1 stem

Lot 10: Any other specimen, 1 stem or blossom

Class 2—Perennials:

Lot 1: Achillea, Baby’s Breath (single or double),

           Columbine, Floribundas, or Phlox, 1 stem

Lot 2: Chrysanthemums, 1 stalk

Lot 3: Geraniums, Shasta Daisy (single or double),

           3 bloom

Lot 4: Daisy, Gloriosa, single or double, 1 bloom.

Lot 5: Delphinium, Single Giant Pacific, 1

           spike.  Double Giant Pacific, 1 spike or 1

           stem any variety.

Lot 6: Any other variety, 1 stem or blossom. 

           Each variety judged separately.

Class 3—Bulbs, Tubers:

Lot 1:  Gladiolus, 1 stem

Lot 2:  Ranunculus, 3 stems

Lot 3:  Any other variety, 1 stem

Class 4—Dahlias:  Should have long stems with two leaves

Lot 1:  Large, over 8 inches, 1 bloom

Lot 2:  Medium, 6” to under 8”, 1 bloom

Lot 3:  Small, 4” to under 6”, 1 bloom

Lot 4:  Miniature, any type up to 4”, 1 bloom.

Class 5—Roses: varieties judged individually

Climbing, Floribunda, Grandiflora, Hybrid, Miniature, or Old Garden Roses, 1 stem

Class 6—House Plants

Lot 1:  Combination of varieties

Lot 2:  Flowering or Foliage, 1 variety

Lot 3:  Foliage, 1 variety

Lot 4:  Plant collection (dish garden/hanging basket)

Lot 5:  Terrarium

Class 7—Artistic:  Materials used in arrangements need not have been grown in exhibitor’s garden.

Lot 1:  Miniature arrangement less than 4” in


Lot 2:  Small arrangement of 8-15” in diameter.

Lot 3:  Large arrangement over 15” in diameter.

Lot 4:  Any size dried arrangements.

Lot 5:  Silk arrangements.

Lot 6:  Arrangement using berries and/or ever 

            greens with flower or fresh accent.

Lot 7:  Arrangement using 3, 5 or 7 blooms.

Lot 8:  Arrangement using rock or wood.

Lot 9:  Arrangement using baskets (small, me

            dium, large or hanging).


Supervisor:   Cheyenne Low

1. Food items requiring refrigeration will not be accepted.

2. All exhibits must be on paper plates or heavy cardboard, and covered with plastic wrap.

3. All baked goods will be portioned out and served as samples at the fair. The

4. purpose is to prevent food from going to waste and permit fair-goers to taste quality products.

5. No commercially prepared dough or mix will be accepted.

Exhibits are limited to one entry per lot, or three per class

Class 1—Breads, Yeast:

Lot 1:    Bread, loaf white, whole wheat or part  

             whole wheat, rye, whit variation (onion,

             cheese, oatmeal, French bread, sour

             dough, other).  Standard size, 1 loaf.

Lot 2:    Rolls, yeast, any type, 6 rolls on a


Lot 3:    Fancy bread, or rolls, cinnamon, nut,

              Swedish tea ring, braided, other.

Class 2—Cookies

Lot 1:  Filled cookies, 12 of each

Lot 2:  Rolled cookies, 12 of each

Lot 3:  Drop cookies, 12 of each

Lot 4:  Bar cookies, 12 of each

Class 3—Candy: All candy, 12 pieces

Class 4—Cakes & Decorated Cakes: (form may be substituted for decorating cakes)

Lot 1:  1 layer Cake, unfrosted

Lot 2:  Juvenile (through age 18)

Lot 2:  Beginner

Lot 3:  Advanced

Lot 4:  Masters (anyone who decorate professionally)

Class 5—Pastries and Pies  (no cream pies or cream fillings please)

Lot 1:  One or two crusted pies.

Lot 2:  Two pastries.



Exhibits are limited to one entry per lot, or three per class

Class 1—Clothing:

Lot 1:  Crochet                 Lot 6:  Men’s

Lot 2:  Children                Lot 7:  Teen’s

Lot 3:  Doll Costumes      Lot 8:  Women’s

Lot 4:  Infants                 Lot 9:  Other

Lot 5:  Knit, hand or machine

Class 3—Upholstery:  Articles exhibited must have been made or finished within the past two (2) years.

Class 4—Handwork:

1.  Contestants may enter up to three articles in each lot in this division provided that each article illustrates a different technique.  Example: in the crochet category you may enter one afghan, one doily and one tablecloth.  If you enter two items


Class 2—Quilts:  Quilts exhibited must have

been made or finished within the past three (3) years.

of the same pattern, design or technique, one will be judged and the other will be designated “Display Only”.

2.  Kits will be accepted.

Lot 1:  Appliqué—hand or machine

Lot 2:  Embroidered

Lot 3:  Pieced

Lot 4:  Hand Quilted

Lot 5:  Quilted—Machine

Lot 6:  Tied

Lot 7:  Yarn quilted or crochet cotton

Lot 8:  Paper piecing

Lot 9:  Other

Lot 1:  Appliqué                                 

Lot 2:  Crewel                                     

Lot 3:  Crochet                                   

Lot 4:  Counted Cross Stitch              

Lot 5:  Cut Work

Lot 6:  Embroidery

Lot 7:  Handmade Dolls

Lot 8:  Knitting

Lot 9:  Needlepoint

Lot 10:  Rugs

Lot 11:  Smocking

Lot 12:  Stuffed Animals

Lot 13:  Tatting

Lot 14:  Other




1. Only one entry per family for each variety from the same garden.

2. All fruits should be clean and free from spray residue and polished.

3. Apples should be picked with stems on. Peaches should have the fuzz removed. Grapes may be trimmed and defective berries removed.

4. Fruits and vegetables should be large enough to meet market requirements or standards and should be the maturity when it is best to eat them rather than exceptionally large, however a size larger than ordinary for most things, with good quality, will be a winning entry. Judges will try to take into account if things such as grapes, Jerusalem Artichokes, apples, pumpkins, etc. are to the mature stage or not, other things should be a little immature rather than too ripe.

5. All specimens must be of the same maturity, color, size, shape, and all specimens must be of the same variety unless the exhibit description specifically states otherwise.  This means multiple entries need to look as alike as possible.

6. Specimens should be free from blemishes such as bruises, cuts, wind , insect damage, or any other cause. 

7. Root crops should be free from soil and fibrous roots with tops removed unless otherwise stated.  Cole crops should be neatly trimmed, outer leaves removed.

8. All entries should be displayed on a 9 inch plate, trimmed.

Exhibits are limited to one entry per lot, or three per class.

Class 1—Fruits:  Plums and prunes should not be wiped, but should be handled as little as possible to preserve the natural bloom. 

Lot 1:  Apples, 3 any variety

Lot 2:  Apricots, 3 any variety

Lot 3:  Berries, 1 cup, any variety

Lot 4:  Cantaloupe, 1, any variety

Lot 5:  Grapes, 3 bunches, any variety

Lot 6:  Peaches, 3, any variety

Lot 7:  Pears, 3, any variety

Lot 8:  Plums and Prunes, 5, any variety

Lot 9:  Watermelon, 1

Class 2—Vegetables: 

Lot 1:    Beans, 10, any variety

Lot 2:    Beets, 3, any variety

Lot 3:    Cabbage, 1, any variety

Lot 4:    Carrots, 3, any variety

Lot 5:    Cauliflower, 1 head

Lot 6:    Corn, sweet, 3 ears, any variety

Lot 7:    Cucumbers, 5 pickling, 3 slicing, any variety

Lot 8:    Dry beans, 1 pint

Lot 9:  Eggplant, 1

Lot 10:  Lettuce, 1 head, any variety

Lot 11:  Onions, 3 unpeeled, any variety

Lot 12:  Parsnips, 3

Lot 13:  Peas, 10 pods, any variety

Lot 14:  Peppers, 3, any variety

Lot 15:  Potatoes, 3, any variety

Lot 16:  Pumpkin, 1

Lot 17:  Rhubarb, 3 stalks

Lot 18:  Squash, summer, 2 any variety

Lot 19:  Squash, winter, 1, any variety

Lot 20:  Tomatoes, 3, any variety

Lot 21:  Tomatoes, (cherry), 5, any variety

Lot 22:  Turnips, 3

Class 3—Herbs, fresh:  5 sprigs of one kind of herb constitutes and entry. Maximum of three herb entries.

Class 4—Sheaf Grain:  Sheaves must be at least 3 inches and not more than 5 inches in diameter at the base and must be tied in 3 places.  The sheaf should be uninjured and erect.

Lot 1:  Barley, any variety, properly labeled.

Lot 2:  Oats, any variety, properly labeled

Lot 3:  Wheat, hard winter, properly labeled

Lot 4:  Wheat, soft white, any variety, properly labeled


Class 5—Sheaf Field Seeds:  Sheaves must be at least 3 inches but not more than 5 inches in diameter at the base.  Sheaf should be tied in three places.

Lot 1:  Alfalfa, properly labeled

Lot 2:  Grasses, pure stand, properly labeled

Lot 3:  Red Clover, Properly labeled

Lot 4:  Sweet Clover, properly labeled

Class 6—Threshed Field Seeds:  A sample should consist of one quart amount in a wide mouth jar.  Legumes should be uniform in color.  Plumpness of seed is important.           

                                                                                                   Lot 3:  Grass, pure sample, properly labeled

Lot 1:  Alfalfa Seed, properly labeled                                       Lot 4:  Red Clover, properly labeled

Lot 2:  Dry Beans, properly labeled                                          Lot 5:  Sweet Clover, properly labeled

Class 7—Threshed Grains:  A sample should consist of a one gallon size shown in a wide mouth jar.  Seed grain should be of uniform texture and free from light weight seed, chaff and straw.  Barely should be free from stems and peeled husks

Class 8—Sheaf Forage:  Sheaves should be at least 3 but no more tan 5 inches in diameter at the base.  Sheaf should be tied in three places.

Lot 1:  Alfalfa

Lot 2:  Corn for silage, at least 5 stalks

Lot 3:  Grasses, pure stand

Lot 4:  Red Clover

Class 9—Largest Specimen based on weight

Lot 1: Armenian Cucumber

Lot 2: Beet

Lot 3: Cabbage

Lot 4: Cantaloupe

Lot 5: Corn (trimmed ear)

Lot 6: Eggplant

Lot 7: Gourd

Lot 8: Kohlrabi

Lot 9: Onion

Lot 10: Pear   

Lot 11: Potato

Class 10—Largest Specimen based on length

Lot 1: Bean

Lot 2: Carrot

Lot 3: Corn Stalk

Lot 4: Cucumber

Lot 5: Jerusalem Artichoke

Lot 6: Rhubarb

Lot 7: Sunflower (head and stalk)

Lot 8: Others

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